Welcome to Bakari Unlimited it services

Welcome to Bakari Unlimited it services

Welcome to Bakari Unlimited it servicesWelcome to Bakari Unlimited it servicesWelcome to Bakari Unlimited it services


Computer & Networking


Bakari Unlimited provides  workstation and server,  repairs, network solutions, virus removal and hard drive data recovery. 

Video Surveillance


 Bakari Unlimited surveillance systems give you a direct view of your location to see for yourself that your investment is secure 

Low Voltage Contracting



Our mission is to work with you, your contractor and/or architect to integrate craftsmanship and technology with user-friendly products of the highest quality.

During construction or remodeling we will wire systems that can handle the newest audio, video, smart technology and data demands to maximize the use of today’s technology and enhance the future value of your location.

We make every effort to clarify the many types of products while our technicians provide professional service and support to insure that your system is built to specifications and is user-friendly for all users.

Fleet Safety Technology


 We install Dash Cams  and Collision Avoidance solutions that are designed to increase driver safety, improve motorist behavior and limit financial and situational risks. 



Q.  Why do I need an IT Professional in my small business?

A.  Trying to solve all operational problems related to your business can be a real setback. With experts dedicated to ensuring that your devices are operating properly, people can do their jobs and you won’t have to worry about productivity hitting a wall when something does malfunction. 

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Computers and Networking


 Bakari Unlimited Professional IT Services is a full service consulting and outsourcing company that utilizes technology to improve business processes or solve problems for our customers. This includes all aspects of what an internal Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) department would do. We specialize in providing the full range of services a IS or IT department would provide to small businesses that do not have or do not want to staff employees on their own to cover those functions.

We are here because small businesses need and deserve the same benefits from current technology and systems that large businesses get. Bakari Unlimited. is dedicated to helping you and your staff focus on the primary purpose of your business, while we keep your computers and network running smoothly.

If you have any questions or would like further information please don't hesitate to contact us. It does not matter if you have existing computers and systems in place that just need continuing maintenance, or if you are starting with nothing and need an entire technology solution built from the ground up, we can help. 

Fleet Technology Services

ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

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 Your company is unique. That’s why you need the industry’s most flexible electronic logbook solution. From choosing your smart device and network to selecting back-office compliance options (from simple electronic log compliance to maintaining qualification and vehicle files and tracking driver and vehicle performance), our ELogs will help you be compliant and competitive by prioritizing your organizational needs. 



 The Dash Cam drive recorder provides constant recording, high definition footage of events occurring outside as well as inside the vehicle; audio recordings inside the vehicle; and GPS tracking. Recordings are stored on a SD card, which is physically and remotely secured.

As the device is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, it can enable data uploads and video streaming to smart phones or client servers providing convenient access to view footage. Through the viewer software, users are able to investigate and delve into details of an accident or incident and can backup recordings.

Dash Cameras have demonstrated for years how its presence not only lowers insurance claims, but increases driver safety and provides management with a complete set of tools to more efficiently manage their fleet. 

Collision Avoidance


 Mobileye brings you superior cutting-edge technology for advanced collision avoidance systems available nationwide.

Embedded with our state-of-the-art microchip (EyeQ2®) our ADAS provides you with ample warning when nearing an object such as a vehicle up ahead or as you veer out of your lane in an unsafe manner and can even detect pedestrians as they cross your driving path.

Driving requires constant attention and can be a daunting task; losing focus and being distracted are normal human traits which can occur to any driver regardless of their driving skill level. Our systems work nonstop from the moment you turn on your vehicle until you are safely parked at your destination, constantly alerting you of dangers as they develop.